A New Year’s Fashion Resolution for all!

Growing up, I never really was much of a “resolutions” type of gal. Why should you wait until the new year to change something you already know you need to change, and probably have been wanting to change for a while? Well, I have come to realize that having a concrete day- a day that totally refreshes the clock- can make implementing those changes easier. It’s like saying “why do you run faster in a race, then when you are just jogging on a random day?” It’s that little extra motivation, competition, even with yourself, that can make executing those changes easier. Last year, my resolution was to floss my teeth more, and for some reason, (probably my irrational fear of the dentist) I actually did it- I actually flossed more! And believe it or not, my greatest accomplishment of 2016 was the dental hygienist telling me she noticed the extra flossing. So 2016 was basically a win for me guys. And I will continue flossing and even rinsing with special mouth wash because it’s good for me- and probably also because of my weird dental fears- but thats another story.

Since I started FunnyGirlsDressBetter in 2016, I thought why not have a “Fashion Resolution”. A resolution solely about your wardrobe, your style, your everyday dressing. So, I did a little poll and found some great fashion resolutions to make 2017 the best year for your style. There were so many great, relatable responses I just had to include them all! The last one is mine 🙂  

1. Wear what you want- Kaley Katsanis will “wear heels more even though it makes me taller than like half the boys #feminism”. I love this one because I personally struggle with wearing heels too. My boyfriend is 6’6” so that struggle has lessened over the past year but she is totally right! Who cares if you are taller than boys, put on your high heels if you want to! #sowhatwhocares

2. Forget fashion “rules”- Julia Wilson’s resolution is to wear what I want when I want to (aka who cares about wearing white after Labor Day, etc.)”. Couldn’t agree more Julia! Fashion is about making you feel good, not about what other people think you “should” be wearing. So you do you Julia. 

3. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear- Julie Wilson says she will “wear it or weed it…” in 2017. This is a great one for so many people, myself included. When cleaning out your closet, try to ask yourself, “when you wake up tomorrow, would you put this on?” If no, get rid of it! Fashion should excite you. Don’t keep clothes just to keep them. Only have clothes in your closet that you truly love, and will WEAR!

4. Get dressed up more- Ruth Wood says she wants to “get out of my jeans and dress grown up more”. I love this resolution, and its something I try to implement with my wardrobe every day. If you have nice clothes, why not wear them? Even if you are going grocery shopping, running errands, etc., might as well look great doing it! Wearing nicer clothes can help you feel better too, so might as well. You go Ruth!

5. Don’t buy anything new- My mom Mari Huelskamp’s resolution is to not buy anything new. While this is too intense for me, it is a great idea. Clothes can look so drastically different depending on the way they are styled. Furthermore, not buying new clothes will force you to consider-and probably fall back in love with-the clothes you already own. This will save you time and money to spend on other fun stuff to do in the new year. Good luck Mom- I couldn’t possibly do this, but I salute you.

6. Add more color to your wardrobe- Shelby Shaw says she is going to try to add a greater variety of colors to her wardrobe. I’m definitely guilty of this too Shelby-I have been in a serious all black phase. So, if you usually stick to one color or only a few colors, be spontaneous. Try on colors you wouldn’t necessarily think to try on- you never know what it will look like until it’s actually on your body.

7. Buy pieces that can be paired with different things- Clothes that can be paired with a variety of options greatly expands your styling capabilities, thats why Alexis Victor’s 2017 resolution is to focus on “versatile pieces”.  Items that can expand the possibilities of a wardrobe are incredibly valuable. This is something I try and focus on as well Lex!

8. Invest in Timeless Pieces- Blythe Gross Hutton intends on buying timeless pieces, that work for years to come. This is a great resolution because it expands the life of your clothes, and allows you to actually spend less on clothes in the long run. Though trendy pieces can be cheap, constantly buying these new pieces, that often wont last more than a season, means $$$$$$. So, I totally agree with you Blythe. Buy those timeless pieces that will be an investment- I mean, I have said it before, your basically saving money. Get it gurl. 

9. Dress my age- Georgia Haddad says she wants to focus on dressing her age. When asked about her fashion plans for the new year, she stated “the conversion from a night out in college to a night out as a young professional has been hard for a lot of us”.  I’m sure this is true for lots of readers who are about to graduate from college or move to a corporate environment!

10. Buy more work appropriate clothes- This one is my personal resolution, and its a toughie for me. Yes, I currently am a student, but I also will intern during this summer and will eventually (hopefully) get a job as an attorney. As such, I will need to wear work appropriate attire. The problem is, when I’m shopping, I simply don’t gravitate towards the suits and black pants. I’m not saying every time I go shopping I will only look for “work clothes” but, I will try and be more conscientious about spending money on clothes that I will be able to wear to a job-because sooner rather than later, I will have one. *Pit smits start to occur* A small part of me always thinks that work attire is boring, but I know it doesn’t have to be. So, I need to get on the adult train and start picking out more blouses and slacks rather than embroidered jeans and faux fur jackets-at least a little bit.

What fashion resolution are you taking on for 2017? Comment below to share in the New Years FunnyGirlsDressBetter fun-I might feature your resolution too! 




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