Jord Wood Watches Review

Hi friends! I recently received a Jord Wood Watch and wanted to let you all know my thoughts on it. First, the packaging the watch comes in makes you feel like a queen! It’s #regal baby. Some might think it’s a little bulky but having a dad who has been in 

img_2070packaging for years, I appreciate a nice product presentation. It’s  grand, and I like it. The box can even be displayed on its own- it is even the perfect bookend. I have literally zero decorations in my apartment (except for some half-deflated balloons) so I’m thinking this might be my new centerpiece. And that’s just the packaging people! The watch itself is totally unique. I was worried it might be a little heavy or clunky on my wrist, but it’s surprisingly light. I really like how the colors of the individual watch panels are slightly different. The watch face I received is an emerald-green color, which makes it more feminine, something I appreciate in a watch as well. It makes me img_2055feel cool and lumber-jacky, yet girly at the same time. Though moderately priced, it is definitely a unique, one of a kind find. I would definitely recommend it as a gift for a boyfriend, or those hard to shop for dads (yea I’m calling you out Ray J). Or maybe an, I’m amazing, I deserve a gift for being awesome, occasion. In my opinion, the wristband is a bit big, so I might go for a smaller band size if you have a dainty wrist or don’t like something too big on your wrist. Other than that, I think it’s a totally cool watch! Feel free to reach out to me via my “ask Jamie Diane” link if you have any questions about the product! Click the links below to check out all of the Jord Wood Watches and mine in particular! XOXO 

Click HERE to check out the Jord homepage, click HERE to check out my specific watch!

*This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches
Wooden Wristwatch

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