Reader Emails

Jamie Diane responds to your outfit questions with fashion advice! Submit questions through the contact page, either anonymously or with your name!

Reader Question: What’s your opinion on the black and blue color combo?  

Response: Well, everyone will have their own opinion about blue and black together. In my opinion, I do like black and blue together, as long as its not navy. Sky blue, turquoise blue and even darker shades, such as royal blue, can pair incredibly well with black. I would stay away from navy and black together. To me, it always comes across as if the person thought they were wearing the same color. I think more of a contrast needs to be in place. If you want to wear navy, grey, khaki and white are great options. My one exception to this rule is if it is a print that already has both navy and black in it. If that is the case, feel free to pair the two together! XOXO