Barrister’s Ball Outfit Deets!

One of law school’s biggest events is Barrister’s Ball-aka law school prom. Last year, I wore a long purple gown (actually my prom dress so thank goodness that thing zipped up!) This year, though, I decided to go with a romper because I wanted something both unique, but that I could also wear again. And thank goodness this one fit as well because that thing was two-day shipped, if you know what I mean. There were NOT a lot of backup options. The romper ended up fitting and was a great choice for a dancing event. Super comfortable and it stood out amongst a sea of long dresses; I would highly recommend going for a romper if you have a special evening event. Shop my romper below!  

Jumpsuit-ASOS; Earrings-Small shop in Philadelphia (Under 20$!); Shoes-Nordstrom Rack 

ME and him far

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