Why fashion is more than just clothes-brought to you by a person who loves, just clothes

Getting dressed in the morning is probably my favorite part of the day. Well, most days it is. There are those times when I stare blankly into my closet, audibly asking my piles of jeans and sweaters: hey, team, what should I wear today? And of course, silence, sassy silence. Both literally and figuratively. But, even on those days, when getting dressed takes me the extra 2o minutes I set aside to make my lunch, I know the time I spent deciding what to put on my body was worth it. Why, you ask?… 

  1. Getting dressed helps keep you in shape (at least in my case)-Yes! It’s true I have my stretched out freshman-year jeans to prove it. So, little story. Growing up, I always had a dress code that wouldn’t allow me to wear sweats. I was forced to dress pretty nicely (i.e. collar shirt, slacks or a skirt).  When I went to college, all of a sudden, I didn’t have that dress code imposing on me the need to put on pants with a zipper and a button, instead of ones with an elastic waistband. Now, I love my Lululemon’s just as much as the next girl (or guy) but your Lululemon’s are never going to tell you to stop eating that addicting s’mores dessert the dining hall has to offer. In fact, the elasticity will just cheer you on, encouraging you further down your calorie ridden, s’mores-laden path. I learned all of this the hard way freshman year. I would wake up and put on my Lululemon tights because it was “easy” and “comfortable” but in reality, I liked them because I didn’t have to think about the possibility of gaining weight, which was happening. Yep, definitely happening. That year, I gained 10 pounds. It wasn’t until an internship opportunity forced me to get back in fashion gear that I realized not only was I eating unhealthy because of my fashion choices, but I was just straight up less happy. Now, I don’t want to mislead my readers. There are days, namely Saturdays and Sundays, when the thought of wearing anything but athletic shorts and a sweatshirt is just to much to bear. But, I try to keep that to the random weekend day Netflix binge, or the post-workout chill session. 
  2. I guarantee you will feel more confident-While I personally don’t choose my daily outfits based on what other people will like or think is cool, and I don’t recommend you do either, getting dressed (in something YOU love) will give you much, much, MUCH more confidence- especially compared to those leggings and oversized tee. This doesn’t mean go out and find whatever you think is the most high fashion trend-worthy look. My motto is: don’t wear it if you’re not comfortable in it. What it does mean, however, is: wear something that makes you feel just a little special every day. Whether that means a cool or funky scarf or just a super cute simple look in amazing fall colors, feeling put together will help you feel ready to take on the day. And it will make your pajamas feel even better. And even if nobody compliments you, or thinks that cooky purse you find adorable is actually adorable, feeling like you’re hot stuff is never a bad thing. 
  3. Not wearing your awesome clothes is a big fat waste of $$$-Let’s face it. We love to shop. I have become a Lexisnexis points fiend to feed my shopping addiction. All my law school peeps-get on those Lexis activities! You can get some serious money (and no, I’m not a Lexis rep). But, we all love to shop for nice things. So let’s wear them! That cool hat you bought-wear it. Don’t let your nice things create dust bunnies in your closet, because nobody like dust or bunnies. Just kidding, I live for dust. Sorry “Meatloaf” the rabbit. And, if you want to make room for those new awesome clothes you’re going to buy and wear, a lot of stores (H&M is one) are running discounts if you bring in and donate your old clothes. So, bring in your old clothes, shop for some #hawt new ones and then WEAR THEM. Let the running tights go, at least for activities besides running. 

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