What to do when your nail painting abilities are that of a child’s

It’s safe to say I was never the girl who always had perfect nails. In fact, I usually never had my nails done. I cite multiple reasons for this: sports, time, money, inability to use left hand (importance increasing from left to right). Growing up, I was always playing a sport. If you hadn’t yet guessed, basketballs and fingernails go together like toenails and soccer cleats-its just bad, all around not good. The one time I got my nails done for prom, I had to go back after my soccer game, which happened to be the same day, and get them fixed. I really don’t know how I messed them up in a sport where it is actually against the rules to use your hands, but hey, I always set out to do the impossible. I was also always busy, as most kids in high school/ college are. If I did have free time, it usually involved me laying on my butt watching The Sound of Music- as my friends will gladly attest to. Plus, getting your nails done at a salon is expensive. Like really expensive, and #aintnobobygottimeforthat. It was always really hard for me to spend money on something I knew I would mess up in the near future. What this all means is, if I wanted to have cool nails, I needed to get the job done myself (or by a dear friend or relative). 

There is just one more problem though. The dreaded left-hand proimg_4907blem. Must of us grow up using just one hand. So when we are forced to use the other, it is as if we are babies, basically. This makes painting the fingers on our right hand very difficult. So, what do you do when your ability to use your left hand is poor, but your love of being #thirtyflirtyandfun, minus the thirty part, is very high? GLITTER NAIL POLISH! Dats
right.  It’s the single handed girls’ beauty solution. Because it’s mostly clear polish with specks of glitter in it, you don’t have to be perfect with your painting joimg_0992b. If you go outside of your nail, it is super easy to wipe away the glitter part! Trust me, you can do a pretty poor painting job and still have attention grabbing nails. One more pro tip, get these pre-moistened nail polish remover wipes. It makes going outside the lines easy to correct and getting old nail polish off less of a struggle.

So where can you score some glitter nail polish? One of my favorite glitter varieties is from & Other Stories. I can no longer find it online, but be sure to check out their makeup/beauty section if you ever stop in to one of their stores. The polish pictured above is from TJ Maxx. I freaking love TJ Maxx. You never know what you will find there. On one blessed day, I found this polish for around $3. So be sure to check them out for nail polish at a great price! Sally Hansen also has multiple glitter polishes that you can pick up at CVS-they won’t cost you a fortune either! So go! Go get your glitter on, funnygirls who can’t paint their nails either. XOXO! 






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